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Payment Methods

1. Payment by credit or debit card

In order to complete your purchase by paying by debit or credit card, go to the secure website of the National Bank, where you enter your card details. Card details are not sent to Finally, your transaction and your personal information are secured by the National Bank. The responsibility for the process rests with the National Bank because it is responsible for the collaborations with cards of other banks.

* Note that in case you do not receive an order confirmation mail (even look at the spam) you should contact us as there is a possibility that your order has not been registered in our system.

2. Cash on Delivery

For those who prefer this way, the products come through a courier company and the price is paid at the time of receipt. The cash on delivery method is valid for all of Greece. The cost of cash on delivery is 2 €.

3. Deposit to a bank account

You can pay for your order by bank deposit or web banking

* please do not forget to fill in your name or order number
in the payment receipt

Cooperating banks:

National Bank of Greece

Account Number: 336/40209012
IBAN: GR 75 0110 3360 0000 3364 2029 012
Beneficiary Name: Papantounoudis Christos/Παπαντωνούδης Χρήστος

Piraeus Bank

Account Number: 5354-077889-242
IBAN: GR 08 0172 3540 0053 5407 7889 242
Beneficiary Name: Papantonoudis Christos/Παπαντωνούδης Χρήστος




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